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  • Double sides ribbon heat printing machine



    Struction Design.

    Operation easily


    1. Multi-function: print one side or double sides.

    2. Easy to operate and safety.

    3. Humanization design.

    4. Easy disassemble and install.

    5. Easy pack, Safety Package.

    6. Auto recycle transfer paper and protect paper.

    7. Assemble machine space-saving.

    8. Laor-saving.

    Parameter of double sides ribbon heat printing machine
    Model HCM-R376S
    Roller Diameter 377mm
    Roller Width 0.6m
    Voltage 220v/380v
    Power 5.4KW
    Speed 0-4m/minute(377mm diameter)
    Temp.Range 0-240
    Main Machine Size(L*W*H) 1.4*0.8*1.3m
    Wooden packing Size(L*W*H) 1.5*0.9*1.5m
    Weight 400Kg

    Special size machines can be made according to customer's requirement!



            1. Oil heating,even heating.
            2. Digital temperature and speed

                controller,adjustable speed.
            3. Contrapuntal accurate,not easy

                to run partial,no deviations of color.

            4. Using imported heating pipes,heat

                evenly,durable;imported blankets

                which is not easy to deviate.

            5. The blanket is detachable,and not

                easy to burn;with belts putting device

                for installing and fixing the belts.
            6. Without smoke and abnormal odour

               during working. 



                                       Printed Samples

    This double sides ribbon heat printing machine.It can print on both sides of the ribbon at the same

    time,and more than six strips of ribbon are printed at the same time.So the speed and productivity

    is very high.Our company is the only one who has this technology.We are working hard to make

    more and more advanced,high precise and labor saving heat printing machines for all the custome-

    rs. This machine widly used for any kind of ribbons,lanyards,laces, belts,braids,zippers,elastic ribb-

    ons double sides heat printing.


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