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  • Development history

    2014: We still working on the way to design more new machines. And we launched our newest automatical intelligent touch screen roller heat printing machine in March this year, which break the traditional machine and technology again and provide most advanced machines for our customers. In the rest of the year, our company planed to integrate all the resources of heat printing industrial. We will combine heat printing machine, printer, consumable, printing designer training, machines training, customers and internet resources together to built a big union and service our customers better. 

    2013: The production and technology of our roller heat printing machine become mature and better. Sales  volume of 2013 is over 18 millions.

    2012: We built our independent printing department this year. Through printing, we found the problems of the machine and improved a lot. At the same, we share our experience of printing with our customers. To help new customers to start their business quickly.

    2011: We designed double sides lanyard roller heat printing machine which is can print double sides of the lanyard at the same time. This new design bring lanyard roller heat transfer machine to a new level and save the cost a lot.

    2010: Our company pay more attention on R&D of new machine. We subdivided the machine to different functions. It is more convenient for subdivided product customers. At this year, we designed double conveyors roller heat transfer machine for small cut pieces printing like mouse pad, glasses cleaning cloth, scarfs, etc. 

    2009: New company Dongguan HCM Heat Printing Machine Co.,Ltd is found. The main products of this company is located in large format roller sublimation heat printing machines. We only design, production and selling this kind of machine. 

    2008: Our general manager Mr. Zhong went to Italy to inspect and learn the technology of roller sublimation machine and combine with his 8 years experience on heat printing machine industry, he make sure that the main product of our company is large format roller sublimation heat printing machine.

    2005: We built our first sales team and treat domestic market as our main market.

    2003: We mainly worked on the production of small heat press machine and sell our machines through trading companies.  

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    TEL:(+86-769) 85528722, (+86-13922517374)  FAX:(+86-769) 85528722  ADD:No.2 Sifangyuan Industrial Park, Huaide, Humen, Dongguan city, Guangdong, China
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